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Spy Camera Blog


As you know, a lot of the off-the-shelf spy camera items are made in China. Except for the very few, their main goal is still the low production cost. We have been testing out many samples from them and many of the items do not make it to our site because of poor quality. Most of them works as indicated but in many cases the manufacturers could have spent few more dollars in making and make it 100% better, but their mentality is different. If you do not see an item on our site that is widely being marketed today, it's not because we are not aware of the item rather it's because it did not meet our expectation. We simply do not carry junk because it's not fair for you.
Nanny (hidden) cameras such as clock radio camera are custom made here in USA or made in bulk in China. Once again, the Chinese manufacturer do not fully understand our culture & style and they make it in an extremely cheesy housing with questionable realiability. So we have been assembling the nanny cameras here in our shop with best of the components. You will see there are many hidden cameras that that are not found on other sites. We have made thousands of nanny cameras over 10 years.
Asian manufacturers often buy a housing for a product from one company who distribute to many manufacturers. This is to keep the cost down but also means that two products may look the same but it does not mean that it will be the same quality e.g: pen cameras . Also when the manufacturer come out with newer generation of the same product, they still use the same housing. So you can never be sure about what you are actually getting. Proof: Keychain Camera.

THANK YOU! We have been fortunate enough to start the business early in the market & build good experience & items for our company. And without the good customers, we would have never made it. In thanks to our customers, the least we can do is provide quality products and be honest. Thanks for all your support.