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Spy Camera Blog

These mini DVR perfect for portable covert surveillance. It works with most any cameras, and can supply power to the camera as well. One of the DVR comes with a 2.4GHz receiver built-in and will work with all of our wireless cameras and nanny cams.

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How long would the the battery last for pvr-9122 portable DVR?
Using internal battery compartment: - Modified rechargeable battery w/ charger, CRVM-3, will last 4.5 hours at continuous recording mode. - 30 min for 2 AA Alkaline batteries - 150 min for 2 AA Lithium batteries Using P-6AA external battery: About 9~10 hours using 4 AA lithium batteries Note: motion detection recording does not save power since the camera & recorder is on all the time. We strongly recommend using the included power supply.