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Wireless Transmitter and Receivers: Attach a transmitter to any of our cameras to make it wireless. Included receiver comes with standard RCA A/V outputs where you can connect to any TV, VCR or a DVR.
Note: 2.4GHz frequency can be interfered by other wireless devices such as a wireless router or cordless phones. We do offer 5.8 GHz TX/RX that will minimize interference. Due to FCC rules, any other bands are not allowed for the consumers. All digital TX/Rx are free from all interferences.


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Can wireless system have interference?
There are 2 kinds of wireless video signals, analog & digital. Analog refers to a RF(Radio Frequency). Only FCC approved RF video signals for consumers are 5.4GHz, 2.4GHz & 900 MHz (obsolete). RF video signal can be interfered by other wireless products in same frequency such as cordless phones and wireless routers. Level of interference varies depending on the proximity of the camera to the receiver and the interfering source. There may be no noticeable distortion in video to slight ~ heavy horizontal lines in video. On the other hand, digital wireless or wi-fi have no interference at all.