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Covert Cameras All In One CameraCovert Cameras All In One CameraCovert Cameras All In One Camera
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Covert Cameras

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All-In-One cameras refer to a system that has both covert camera & recorder built as one. All you have to do is take out the SD card and insert it into your computer to playback the video. If your PC does not have an SD card slot you can use one of our SD card readers that connects it via your USB port.


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Can all-in-one cameras be battery powered?
Technically yes with external 4AA battery holder (except for the clock radio & boom box models). But the battery will last for about 6 ~ 7 hours using 4 AA lithium batteries (motion detection recording does not save power since the camera & recorder is on all the time). We strongly recommend using the included power supply.
Can all-in-one cameras be programmed to only record at certain time of the day?
Yes, it does come with schedule record feature. You can also have it record on motion detect within that time frame.
Can I use IR Led Lamps with all-in-one cameras?
Yes, but IR LED Lamps are only compatible with B/W cameras or Day & Night (dual mode) cameras.
Can I view the videos from all-in-one camera over the internet?
No, all-in-one cameras have a recorder built-in but there is no server built-in for internet connection. However, we carry many different types of wi-fi nanny cameras that will do the job.
Can you recommend a good media player to playback videos taken by your all-in-one camera?
Many times, Windows Media Player will not play the video because it might not have a proper codec installed. We recommend the following player.
Please download VLC Player
Do you need to press record, or does all-in-one cameras automatically start when the unit powers on?
As a default, we program our all-in-one cameras at motion detection recording mode. So as soon as the power is applied, it will start to record automatically upon motion. All all-in-one cameras come with a power supply for a permanent power.
Does all-in-one cameras have a cooling fan and does it make any noise when recording?
No cooling fan, absolutely silent while recording.
How do all-in-one cameras work?
Covert Cameras: refers to a system that has a hidden camera & a recorder built-in as one, similar to a camcorder.
All-in-one cameras can record upon motion. DVR senses pixel movement of the video signal from the camera. Since you can have the DVR record only upon motion, you can extend the recording time period which it is intended to cover. Each 1GB of memory will record up to 2.5 total hours of video.
When the recording is done, simply take out the SD card and playback the video on your PC using a media player. Audio is optional.
Does all-in-one cameras record sound?
Sound option for all-in-one camera is optional for extra $50. You will need to fax us a disclosure for purchasing a covert listening device. Audio Recording
How do you adjust the time or setting for an all-in-one nanny camera?
The camera is fully programmable. If you need to change any settings, locate the RCA jack (refer to your manual) on the camera and connect to a TV. Access the menu for the DVR by pressing the buttons on the DVR inside. Please refer to the DVR manual
How do you view videos in a SD card?
You'll need a SD card reader or use one built-in to your PC if there is one. (any SD cards over 2GB are high capacity and you must use a high capacity reader)
Simply take out the SD card from the camera, insert the SD card into this card reader, and plug it into a USB slot on your computer. Wait until the window opens for this card or locate the card using Windows Explorer (Windows key + E).
The computer will recognize the SD card as a removable storage device. All you have to do is right click on the video folder and open it with a media player (we recommend VLC Player)
How long can a all in one cameras record for?
8GB will record for about 20 hours upon motion detection at full resolution & frame rate. So the duration really depends on the frequency of the motion detection and settings. For example, if you lower the resolution to half and frame rate, you can get 20 x 4 hours of total recording time.
How long can all-in-one cameras record?
Our all-in-one cameras can record upon motion, scheduled and continuously. (it's programmable)
DVR senses pixel movement of the video signal from the camera. Since you can have the DVR record only upon motion, you can extend the recording time period which it is intended to cover. Each 1GB of memory will record up to 2.5 total hours of video.
How long does recording continue once movement is detected?
We set it up the camera so that the recording continues on for 20 more seconds. If the motion is triggered again within that 20 second period, it will continue on recording until no motion is detected for whole 20 seconds. The buffer recording time is programmable from 0 to 30 seconds.
How long would the the battery last for all-in-one camera?
Technically you can use external 4AA battery holder, P-6AA, to power the camera. However you have to use lithium batteries and the camera will last about 6~7 hours.
Note: motion detection recording does not save power since the camera & recorder is on all the time. We strongly recommend using the included power supply or purchase the battery ready system.
How much movement is required to activate an all-in-one camera?
We set it up the camera at very sensitive motion detection. The sensitivity is programmable.
How much of a difference can I expect if I purchase camera upgrade option for all-in-one camera system?
The standard default camera is 420 TV line compared to the upgraded camera at 550 TV line. However due to the limitation of the built-in recorder, you will not notice full 130 TV lines difference; the resolution will be improved about 20%. Since the sensor for the camera upgrade is higher quality, you can expect more natural color for the upgraded camera.
I don't always have access to the pc. can I play back the video on tv?
Yes, all all-in-one cameras that records on a SD card (except for the pen cameras) can also have TV out put to play back on a TV: All In One Cameras
What is the best way to troubleshoot an all-in-one camera?
All our all-in-one cameras can be hooked to a TV to see better if the camera is working properly. Please connect the video cable to RCA video input of your TV and switch the TV to video input mode. If the camera is working properly you will see the following:
1) Picture of the camera
2) DVR status indicator at the bottom
- Running man icon for motion detection mode.
- When motion is detected, the circle icon will spin, then stop when motion is no longer detected for 20 sec.
- Press the payback button on the DVR and the video will play on your TV screen.

Defective symptoms (connected to a TV):
- SD card error: try another card or format the existing card.
- DVR status indicator shows fine but picture is bad or blank: defective camera module.
- Picture shows fine but no DVR indicator: DVR defective.
- Nothing shows on TV (please make sure the connection is correct) and the power supply or the camera does not get worm at all: defective power unit.
- All show fine but the recording circle icon does not spin or running man icon does not show: recording setting is some how changed. Please press menu button and set the DVR correctly. Please refer to the DVR manual included.

All works fine on a TV but still can not play the video on my PC.
Overview: When you insert the SD card to a SD card reader and plug-in to your USB port on your PC, it'll be recognized as a Removable Disk:(x). Simply find a video file located in DCIM folder and right click on the file. Choose a media player and playback.

PC Troubles:
- Drive is not found or can not read the SD card: your SD card reader may be defective or not compatible with a high capacity SD cards (2GB or more)
- Video file is found but video does not play: Do not use Windows Media Player, please install and use VLC player included within the SD card we have sent to you.
- Video plays but no audio: Once again, Windows Media Player does not have proper audio codec built-in, please install and use VLC player.
What is the difference between all in one cameras & wireless cameras?
All in one camera is a camera with a recorder built-in. Also known as 'self contained camera'. It records onto itself so you can retrieve the recording later. Wireless camera refers to a camera that can transmit a video signal to a separate recorder. You can battery power some all-in-one cameras but it's not called wireless.
Which all-in-one camera upgrade is most sensitive to low light and to an IR(infrared) lamp?
The standard camera that comes with the system as a default, switches to B/W mode and work better under low light then other cameras upgrades except for the full B/W camera upgrade. Low light capability: Default Camera: Better B/W CCD, 600 TV line, 0.003 lux. camera used: VC-600S: Best Full color CCD, 480 TV line high res. cam used: VC-400P: Good (not IR sensitive) Full color CCD, 540 TV line high res. cam used: Good (not IR sensitive) However for a night vision, you will need a separate IR lamp. Since an IR lamp glow red a little, for total covert operation, you will need to place the IR lamp unseen, point it upward for indirect lighting. note: all cameras works good under bright light. Super low light B/W cameras: Most sensitive. B/W cameras: sensitive. Day & night color cameras (color at normal light, B/W at low light): sensitive. Full color cameras: not sensitive.
Which camera is best for intrusion detection?
We suggest to use all-in-one cameras for intrusion detection. Please check the following links:
Economical Spy Cameras
Black Box Cameras
Covert Cameras
Motion Sensing Cameras

Any one of them are easy to use and include all the accessories needed. All-in-one camera refers to a system that has a hidden camera & a recorder built-in as one, similar to a camcorder. Also all-in-one cameras can record upon motion. DVR senses pixel movement of the video signal from the camera. Since you can have the DVR record only upon motion, you can extend the recording time period which it is intended to cover. Each 1GB of memory will record up to 2.5 total hours of video.
What is a best system for watching a family member.
In most cases where you need to watch a person who is well aware of the surroundings at your home, items like Nanny Cams will not work. You will need a hide-it-yourself camera at: Hidden Spy Cameras. We recommend: Black Box 4 .
Do you have a mini security camera kit for a car?
You can use black box 4, 5 or 6 or Home Guard or CamBall Powering the unit: For Black Box: 1) Typically, using external battery holder P-6AA, will last about 5~10 hours depending on the model & battery type. We also have sealed lead acid battery to power up to 30 hours. You can use the cigarette lighter adapter but you will need permanent power output from your cigarette lighter even if the engine is turned off. Also you will need be careful not to drain out your car battery. 2) For watching outside of the car, you can only cover one side of the car with one camera. For economical and Camball: No good under low light. For watching inside of the car, Black box 4 will be the best option. Hide the DVR box in the trunk and the camera right above aiming forward. For more info, please visit our BLOG
How does digital motion detection recording work?
Digital motion detection is a feature for many self recording all-in-one cameras, DVRs and recording software. It senses video pixel movement to trigger the recording, thus saving memory and time when you review the video. Therefore, you only need opening for the lens of the camera to detect motion. When motion is no longer detected for a certain time (programmable) it will stop to record and wait for the next trigger. However, it will not save the power, if battery powered, since both the camera & DVR has to be 'ON' in order to detect motion.
How do I format my SD card?
You will need to open 'Windows Explorer' screen by holding on to the "Windows" button located in between the CTL, ALT button & pressing the "E" key. Right click on the removable drive that contains the SD card and choose the format option. Un-check the "quick format" option and start the format process.
Is there a way to duplicate the video on the pc without the audio?
Use VirtualDub (http://www.spycameras.com/resources/VirtualDub-1.9.7.zip) and do the following 1. Open VirtualDub and load your file Audio Removal: 2. Audio=> No Audio 3. Audio=> Direct Stream Copy Video: 4. Video=>Direct Stream Copy 5. File=>Save=> select avi and enter the filename