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In sensitive cases, you will need to hide the camera your-self. You can power these hidden spy cameras with the included plug-in power adapter and not worry about changing batteries or recharging (optional external battery available). After the set up is done, just let it record on motion then simply take out the SD card and review the video on your PC. Good for a long term monitoring needs.

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Black X-Box 4


Black X-Box 4
New D1/H.264 resolution.

Less than a cigarette pack size DVR with external pinhole camera attachment. Place and forget. Camera is separated from the DVR for other hiding options.
(Plug-in or External battery operation only)

Learn more about this All In One Camera Hide It Yourself Black X-Box 4.

Spy Camera Video Clip Sample 1 Sample 2
  • Res (Standard): 380 TV Lines
  • Sensitivity (Standard): 1 lux
  • Lens Type: Semi-Conical Pinhole
  • Dim (Length): 2.6 "
  • Dim (Width): 2.0 "
  • Dim (Height): 0.8 "
  • Housing material: Metal
  • more spec...


All In One Camera Hide It Yourself Black Box Camera

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Black Xbox-3

Camera & recorder built-in one.

Learn more about this All In One Camera Hide It Yourself Black Xbox-3.

Spy Camera Video Clip Sample 1 Sample 2
  • Res (Standard): 420 TV Lines
  • Sensitivity (Standard): 0.5 lux
  • Lens Type: Pinhole
  • Dim (Length): 4.2 "
  • Dim (Width): 3.0 "
  • Dim (Height): 1.4 "
  • Housing material: ABS
  • more spec...


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How does Black Box cameras work?
All-in-one Black Box cameras can record upon motion. http://www.spycameras.com/shop/cameras/all-in-one-camera/hide-it-yourself-(2)/ DVR senses pixel movement of the video signal from the camera. Since you can have the DVR record only upon motion, you can extend the recording time period which it is intended to cover. Each 1GB of memory will record up to 2.5 total hours of video. Just take out the SD card at the end of the day and playback on your PC.
When you order a camera upgrade for Black Box system, do you need to plug in 2 power adapters since the voltage for the camera is different than the DVR?
When you order a Black box with an upgraded camera, and if the camera is 12V, we install a power booster so all you need to plug in is one 5V adapter or the battery holder for the system.