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Questions & Answers

Spy Camera Blog


Yes, we do ship international orders by EMS or FedEx. Sorry we do not use DHL or UPS. To place an international order, you can select your country from our shopping cart and you can view the shipping rates before committing to an order.


Payment Terms

- We accept bank wire transfer (TT), Western Union & Paypal for international orders.

- We accept AMEX.

- We also accept VISA or MC but you must scan front and back of the card and your drivers license and send via e-mail.

- In case of using AMEX VISA & MC, shipping and billing address must be the same.


Please Note!

- It is solely customers responsibility to pay any import duty or any other taxes that may be involved.

- In case of defective item return, we will cover cost the shipping back to you but you must send it to us at you own cost.

- SCS only stocks NTSC standard cameras. Please contact us for ordering PAL standard cameras.


We accept purchase orders from:
- Any state and government agencies such as, Military, FBI, PD, FD etc.
- Schools & Hospitals.
- Sorry, we do not accept PO from private companies.

Please fax or e-mail PO to: FAX: 845-369-0888, E-MAIL: info@spycameras.com with a signature from an
authorized purchasing personnel.
Terms: Net 1 to Net 30.
If you need more information please contact our office at 845-369-1777.