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Spy Camera Blog

Spy Camera

A spy camera is a hidden camera that captures still photos or video used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object. Spy cameras come in various designs and sizes.

There are many uses of a spy camera

You can easily find a spy camera that you can setup and operate without assistance or the need an expensive installation. Our spy cameras offer an easy method to do it your self and this can be a great way to get results, and also save money.

Nanny Cameras to watch your nanny while you're away
Wearable cameras that can be used for under cover video evidence gathering
WiFi Cameras that allow you to view the video footage over the web
Home Security Cameras to prevent vandalism, theft and destruction of property
Hidden cameras for mystery shopping to help your employees learn to better interact with your customers.
Night Vision Hidden Cameras that can record in total darkness
All In One Night Vision Camera Systems that come with everything you need.

Order your spy camera with confidence

"Worked with Mark to solve a camera need for one of my customers and he was knowledgeable and helpful though the whole process. I would gladly do business again with these folks!"
"I have ordered miniature cameras from SCS twice, and both times they have shipped them promptly and the products were exactly as described. I will use them again, and would not hesitate to reccommend them."
"Great customer service. Fast and free shipping, plus the product performed as advertised. Good Job!"
"Company was fantastic to deal with. Quick shipping and Customer service was professional as well as friendly."
"This was just as described. I called for help understanding the product before I ordered and I was walked through the website to find just what I needed"

Here is a great guide on finding the best place to hide your spy camera

hidden spy camera hidden clock spy camera spy camera hidden on shelf

Where Can I Hide My Spy Camera?

Wireless Spy Camera

We have a selection of hidden cameras that operate on 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz in both Digital or Analog. These cameras allow you to monitor from up to 300ft away, over the internet or by using your mobile smartphone. View our full product line of spy cameras wireless models.

Differences in wireless spy camera systems

With so many variations of spy cameras available it may be difficult to select the best wireless camera for you. Here are a few key features of our wireless cameras that may help you decide.

Wireless Spy Cam This wireless color camera has the range of 300ft and also has the option to be battery powered using a battery pack and alkaline batteries you would get an estimated 5 hours of use. We also have this wireless pinhole camera available in black and white.
Wireless Hidden Camera These devices come with a camera hidden inside of an object, a wireless transmitter & receiver. The wireless receiver has to be connected to your TV for live viewing or VCR/DVR for recording. The wireless hidden cameras found here have the range up to 300ft.
WiFi Spy Cameras IP Cameras give you the most range as they work over the internet. You could virtually view it from anywhere you have internet access. Including using your smarphone (iPhone or Android Phone). Requirements: A PC for initial setup & recording, a wireless router with port forwarding (requires administrative access to your router) and high speed internet access.
Digital Wireless Cameras These wireless cameras operate without interference from other wireless devices. We also have wireless digital cameras hidden inside of objects. These devices also share the range of up to 300ft.

Learn more about wireless cameras

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IP Camera Questions & Answers.
Wireless Cameras available at SpyCameras.com

Take a look at a few wireless spy camera products we have in stock

IP Camera Network Camera Outdoor Camera

Where Can I Hide My Spy Camera?