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Spy Camera Blog

Recording Video From Your Camera

Spy Camera Easy Selection Guide

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Standalone DVR

Multi channel
For laptop (USB)
PC Based
Best value
Portable DVR
Compact Portable
Single channel


DVR records video to a disk either in a PC or to its own built-in hard disk. Can record for a long periods of time. DVRs come with remote access where you can watch the video via internet.Also features motion detection recording & multiple camera recording.

Time Lapse VCR

Real Time
24 hour VCR

Real Time up to 24 hour,
960 hr VCR
Unlike a conventional VCR that lowers picture quality if recorded at extended recording mode, a time lapse VCRs can record up to 960 hours on a single tape with out sacrificing quality of the video. You will need a quad processor or a multiplexer to record multiple cameras.

Standard VCR & other consumer level DVR

You can connect any of our cameras to a VCR. But can not detect motion, handle multiple cameras or watch camera via internet. You can use a quad processor to record multiple cameras.