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To get detailed information from dark and bright combination image without any saturation, the WDR technology is required. Wide Dynamic Range combines bright areas with high shutter speed exposure and dark areas with low shutter speed exposure into one composite image. Also with the built-in sense-up function, you can maintain a brilliant image by automatically detecting a light level in a dark environment and enhance the sensitivity to achieve an excellent low-light performance.

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700TV Line Super Low Light WDR Pinhole Camera

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700TV Line Super Low Light WDR Pinhole CameraUltra slow shutter mode: Color .0001 lux & B/W .00001 lux

1/3"SONY SuperExview CCD II level definition::700 line minimum illumination: 0.01 Lux,F1.2 OSD menu digital wide dynamic 2D digital noise reduction DC12V power supply

Learn more about this Pinhole Camera WDR Ultimate Pinhole 700TV Line Super Low Light WDR Pinhole Camera.


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